Scandinavian style furniture

Think of the image that comes to mind when I say Scandinavian furniture? Most people will immediately think of IKEA. IKEA has become a favored brand for families across the world.  But Scandinavian furniture extends beyond IKEA.

Scandinavian furniture is a genre of home décor that is associated with minimalistic, functional and clean designs. Scandinavian home décor originated in 1950’s as a means to add light during the harsh, cold Nordic winter. The Scandinavian décor has manifested in many forms of futuristic designs as if inspired by Star Wars. The furniture has clean simple lines. The new age Scandinavian designers are adding a pop of color to make their furniture more interesting and appealing to the youth.scandinavia1

Let’s look at some examples of Scandinavian furniture:

The vintage signature grandfather rocking chair has taken an amazing modern twist in this photograph. The colors are eye catching and the overall picture is very modern. Notice the lack of clutter. It’s not an outside bet to think that they will all be of this amazing quality


This reclining chair from Swedish furniture designer Varier is a show stopper. Scandinavian furniture is often ergonomically designed. This means that the furniture is designed keeping in mind the most comfortable postures for the human spine. For more details on Scandinavian design check out this guide and you might find new ideas for your home.


The green color on this comfortable looking chaise lounge is breath-taking. The chaise lounge is both functional and designer. These are a perfect addition to any modern home. These are light in weight making them easy to move around. Scandinavian deco is now so popular, other countries have tried this design ( such as germany and france.

Graphic patterns are being used extensively in Scandinavian décor and furniture. Small diamond and square patterns in a multitude of colors are changing the face of Scandinavian furniture – high rollers will feel at home straight away. It is now time to indulge in some Scandinavian décor.

Scandinavian furniture are quite different to e.g. Canadian furniture.