Quick guide to buying furniture for small apartments

Furnishing small spaces can end up being a herculean task. Unlike clothing that can be updated every season, furniture is usually a onetime investment for a few years. It takes a bit of planning to create a spacious feel in a small apartment. Avoid ending up with a piece that takes up the entire living room area; use these easy tips to strategize your furniture buy before heading out:

Choosing the colour:

Neutral colours tend to make the room look bigger. Buy furniture and drapes in beige, nudes and white. Add accents to the monochrome furniture by adding décor in bright colours. A mix of printed cushions, throws and accessories with brighten up a small space. You don’t want be all colourful like an online casino – that would just be too much!

smallroomsStick with clean lines and geometrical shapes:

Lines add a dimension to the small room and effect of uniformity. If you are a fan of vintage, pick a favourite and stick to just one piece.  Vintage furniture tends give a feeling of grandeur but takes up a lot of space

Create a focal point in your apartment:

This can be done by choosing one piece of furniture that stands out from the rest. A bright upholstered chair or an interesting decoupage coffee table will spell magic and give you room the perfect feel.

Add height to the room:

A high ceiling gives a spacious effect to small apartments. Of course, you cannot change the height of the ceiling, but you can diligently choose low furniture to give the effect. The room will look much larger.

Create extra storage space:

Unknowingly, we all have the tendency to buy things, we might not use later. Storage furniture comes in handy to store these unwanted gifts, quilts and other things. Look for beds with drawers or boxes, even sofas and ottomans with hidden storage work well. Make sure to find some space to fit your computer to keep playing your favourite games with Yukon gold casino, we heard some new games will be released soon!

Limit the clutter:

A cluttered small house can give an overwhelming feeling. Make use of baskets to stash your clutter and keep it hidden. Add wicker baskets to book cases to give them a new and exciting look.