The Wall Program and Regional Wall Service Centers are basic components for distinguishing Herman Miller, Inc.’s solutions for the advancement of the total office environment.

HMI’s solutions to the enclosed office are freestanding furnishings and Relocatable Walls.
Full Height enclosures represent at least 35% of interior office needs.
Relocatable Walls support HMI’s market direction to provide 85% of the customer’s interior needs.
It is currently estimated that relocatables are only 6% of the wall market. Increased market share and potential is highly feasible.
The depth of HMI’s resources available through dealer distribution and the Regional Wall Service Centers allow the customer to maximize ther purchasing dollars.
A specification of relocatable Walls and furnishings can lock out the competition.
Relocatable Walls are environmentally supportive.
The Regional Wall Service Centers ease HMI’s entry into the construction services industry.

Herman Miller Wall Alliance

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